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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Originally Posted by Subtestube
To Woodelf:

The Xbox was NEVER the equal statistically of PCs when it came out. It had a hell of a lot less memory and CPU power. The reason consoles seem to exhibit more power (EDIT: Than they actually have) is two-fold:
1. They don't have a huge OS running in the background. Meaning, all the memory is available to the game, and the CPU's context shifting is far less likely to ever bottlenck you.
2. Developers really really work to get every little bit of performance of Console hardware, and can develop for a specific hardware set. Makes things a LOT easier.
There's another one:
3.The lower resolution of 480i/p requires less memory than HD. This allows the developers to add more eye candy at a playable framerate, at the cost of some jaggies. It allows the NV chip to show off it's true colors, but at a low resolution.
My point was that many people without GF3's that had crappy 15"-17" montiors were expected to convert to the next gen graphics in the Xbox, but didn't due to either PC upgrade/new or PS2.
The PC target audience at that time didn't have GF3's in their computers with 32MB's on card and 256 System ram.
They were from the big PC buying frenzy and had P166MHZ MMX- 500MHZ PC's that had had touble playing halflife. First time PC buyers back then wanted more, because their oem PC's weren't set up for gaming, just gaming compatable. The Xbox would allow them next gen graphics with out a new PC purchase.

They could have had more support for HDTV at that time, but now they are trying to compete with today's PC graphics and can do so (or attempt, deus ex 2 anyone?) on low quality TV screens.
This is kind of sad for good developers who are stuck writing for PS2/Xbox hardware.
Though now more people have HDTV's than ever, which could help Xbox 2 sales (if implemented in all games). Xbox2 need's to be out now (IMHO) or they will be facing that same as what were seeing with valve's source engine vs doom 3 engine. If PC graphics are allowed to exceed Xbox 2 graphics, then we'll be seeing thing's get turned down when porting to Xbox2.

Originally Posted by Subtestube
As for why would you want an R500, I'd think the answer is pretty clear - it's going to be a lot faster than an NV40 or R420. I'd imagine the XBox2 will either come out just before or just after the NV50/R520... so, truth be known th Xbox 2 will probably at least seem more powerful than its PC contemporaries when it comes out.

Oh, that and it's going to be running an IBM custom designed tri-core Power-PC chip. I mean, ****, that thing is going to be FAST.
I was referring to the vid card's that we'll be using, such as "(2x SLI 6800 gt's)" (or better) when the Xbox2 finally comes out next year, that at that time when we'll allready have next gen graphics. We don't know when Xbox 2 will be released, but we do know the theoretical specs. We don't know what will be out for PC's at that time. If the Xbox2 were released right now, I might agree with you (if it can beat out SLI). According to everything I've read, say's we won't see Xbox2 untill 4th qtr 2005. That would have to mean that we would still have 6800's at that time, which is extremely unlikely. R420 is excluded from this post (due to lack of sm3.0), which was what my response to you was about.

I can't say what kind of performance differences the Intel chip's are going to make in a true gaming sense. but I've seen it said time and time again, when ever a new GPU/VPU comes out, the claim "cpu scalability will bring massive result's" pitch. As if to say, buy our card cause tomorrow when you upgrade your cpu it will blow you away. when the perf increase is never as much as what you'd get with a next gen card. So I'm not going to put any money on the Xbox2's need for the 3 Intel chip's as hyped.

As of right now, the xbox, in term's of porting todays PC games, is rediculously out dated. This is comming from a big screen player though (i don't like 480p). Whether developers implement all features of the Xbox2 as a given (I don't know), but could be influenced to their ability, enthusiasm, need for quick cash, lazyness. As I said, we can expect good thing's from bethesda.
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