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Default Re: Is Rome Total War openGL?

Originally Posted by Mesce
That doesn't mean anything. Doom3 is 100% direct x 9.0c compatible, even opengl games use directX
For Direct sound and maybe Direct Draw, which I think is for the cut scene movies, though it is an OpenGL game. I think what they are saying indirectly by suggesting a DX9b card is if it requires DX9b, the card is obviously newer and should run OpenGL just fine.

I also think since Direct X is synonymous with Microsoft, so it is easier, from a marketing stand point, to suggest a Direct X 9b card is more successful than recommending a OpenGL 1.5 card.

So you are correct Mesce, it is kinda worthless anymore. I guess the next obivous solution would be to look for a Linux or Mac port. Doom 3 is suppose to do both, that should suggest OpenGL.

Then there is the obvious, dumb down all your graphics settings in the control panel for your card on DX, and set them as high as you can in OpenGL side. If you gain performance dramatically, it must be DX. If it drops lower than you were at, it must be OpenGL.

Ofcourse, I would imagine the read me file in the demo/game would have mention something more too. If not, that is pretty lame.
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