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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Originally Posted by Subtestube
To Woodelf:
As for why would you want an R500, I'd think the answer is pretty clear - it's going to be a lot faster than an NV40 or R420. I'd imagine the XBox2 will either come out just before or just after the NV50/R520... so, truth be known th Xbox 2 will probably at least seem more powerful than its PC contemporaries when it comes out.

Oh, that and it's going to be running an IBM custom designed tri-core Power-PC chip. I mean, ****, that thing is going to be FAST.

Originally Posted by

"The Xbox 2 VPU is supposed to have a real peak pixel fill rate of 4 gigapixels per second, which doesn’t sound too impressive either considering today’s graphic chip specs. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement regarding this matter to make further conclusions."

But doesn't the 6800Ultra have a fill rate of 6.4 gigapixels?.
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