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Default Re: Tweak Guide from Tweak Gudies!

[Sound Tweaks]

The following commands all influence the way sound behaves in Doom 3:

s_force22kHz [0,1] - If set to 1, this forces lower quality (22kHz) audio, which reduces sound quality but improves performance.

s_numberOfSpeakers [2,4,5,6] - This value shows the number of speakers the game has detected, based on the your general Windows settings and In-Game settings. You can manually alter this value, however make sure it matches your current speaker setup otherwise you will have missing audio channels.

s_volume_dB [Decibels] - This is the sound volume for the game in decibels. You should use the in-game menu volume slider to adjust the sound, but if it is too low or too high you can also adjust it here. Be careful as decibel values are not linear.

s_maxSoundsPerShader [value] - This setting determines the maximum number of sounds to use per shader, that is how diverse the sounds effects are. Increasing this value increases sound variety but also increases memory usage and can reduce performance.

s_clipVolumes [0,1] - When set to 1, this removes sounds which cannot be heard which provides optimal performance.

s_useOcclusion [0,1] - Occlusion is a method which muffles sounds which aren't clearly heard, such as those behind walls and objects. If set to 0, this method is disabled reducing realism but it may increase performance.

s_realTimeDecoding [0,1] - This setting determines whether sound decoding is done in real-time or not, however it is protected and cannot be set to 0 (nor should it need to be).

s_playDefaultSound [0,1] - When set to 1, if any sounds are missing a beep is played back instead. If you are getting a lot of beeping errors, you can set this to 0 to remove them.

s_noSound [0,1] - If set to 1, disables sounds.
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