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Default Re: no sound with latest nforce drivers (1.0-0283)

Don't know if I should post this here, but I get the sound driver installed by the installer fine, edit out the intel alias in the conf files, add the nvsound ones, when it reboots, it hangs on the nvsound module. (Im running gentoo 2004.2, 2.6.8 kernel)

Ive read if you disable acpi it will work. Thing is, Im running a SATA drive, seems it needs it on, stops when loading the scsi drivers. Can ctrl-alt-del fine tho, no hang up

even compiled a kernel with no acpi support. same thing as passing acpi=off to the kernel.

Really frustrating. sound works in 2.1 (I have a 5.1 setup) with the intel modules.

Any suggestions? Should I whip off an email to nvidia? Thanks for any help. Im banging my head here.
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