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Default Re: Tweak Guide from Tweak Gudies!

[Reload Commands]

The following commands all reload particular aspects of the game, such as sounds, images, decals and Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). Using these commands at any point can help resolve any anomalies or glitches you are experiencing with these particular aspects of the game by reloading them from scratch. Note, some aspects take a while to reload (e.g. reloadImages and reloadEngine can take quite a while), so be careful if using such commands in an online game.









reloadCgPrograms - Reloads CG programs. This can help resolve graphical anomalies during gameplay on Nvidia cards.

reloadARBprograms - Reloads ARB programs. This can help resolve graphical anomalies during gameplay on ATI cards.

cvar_restart - Restarts the cvar system.

s_restart - Restarts the Doom 3 sound system.

vid_restart - Restarts the video rendering system, which essentially reloads Doom 3. You must use this command to implement certain changes, such as changed resolution.

developer [0,1] - If set to 1, enables Developer mode, which allows certain other console commands to work such as the freeze, god, crash, error and gameerror commands.

devmap [mapname] - Loads a map in Developer mode.

noclip - Toggles clipping on/off. By default clipping is on. When clipping is turned off, you can walk through solid objects, useful for troubleshooting.

god - Enables God mod, useful for troubleshooting.

Multiplayer/Server Commands

connect [servername] - Connects to a multiplayer server with the given name

disconnect - Closes the current game map. Also used for skipping the introductory movie by appending +disconnect to the Doom 3 icon Target box (See Neat Stuff & Conclusion).

reconnect - Reconnects to the last server connected to successfully.

ui_name [string] - This is your character name as set in the in-game menus. The only reason you may want to edit it using this command rather than the in-game menus is if you want to insert special characters in your name, or use color codes in front of letters. The color codes are ^1 Red ^2 Green ^3 Yellow ^4 Blue ^5 Aqua ^6 Purple ^7 White ^8 Grey ^9 Black. E.g. ^5Persian^1Immortal provides the text PersianImmortal when my online name is displayed in multiplayer games. Don't go nuts with this, it can be very annoying.

serverNextMap - Changes to the next map on your server.

serverMapRestart - Restarts the current map on your server.

serverForceReady - Forces all players on your server to be ready for match start.

say [text] - Says the provided text in Global Chat in multiplayer.

sayTeam [text] - Says the provided text in Team Chat in multiplayer.

gameKick [playername] - Kicks the specified player from the server.

serverInfo - Shows information about the current server when in multiplayer.

rcon [command] - Sends the command specified to the remote console.

net_clientMaxRate [Bytes] - This setting controls the maximum amount of data in bytes per second you can receive from a server every second. By default, servers will only provide 16000 bytes per second at most (as set in the net_serverMaxClientRate setting), but you can try lowering this value to reduce your ping and stabilize it when playing Doom 3 online. Try values such as 10000 or 12000. Note that values which are too low will cause problems, as Doom 3 multiplayer is not designed for dialup speeds (i.e. 6000 or less).

net_serverMaxClientRate [Bytes] - If running a server, this setting determines the maximum amount of data which can be sent to each player in bytes per second. The default setting should be fine, however if you find your server struggling, or you have a limited bandwidth connection, you can try lowering this setting slightly. Once again, keep the value reasonably high, as too low a rate will result in packet loss, ping spikes and unplayable multiplayer for all who join the server.

si_maxPlayers [value] - This setting determines the maximum number of players on your multiplayer server. Unfortunately at the moment it cannot be set higher than 4 here or in the in-game settings.

Speed Up Load Times

One method some people are recommending to speed up loading times and perhaps boost performance is to unpack the zipped .pk4 files in the \Doom 3\base\ directory. These .pk4 files contain all the files Doom 3 uses to run the game, and at the start of each Doom 3 session these are unpacked and loaded up, which can take some time. If you want to use this method, follow these steps:

1. Firstly make sure that you do not delete the .pk4 files. Move them somewhere else on your system.

2. Rename each file from .pk4 to .zip.

3. Extract the contents of each file using WinZip to the \Doom 3\base\ directory. This may take a fair bit of time.

4. Make sure you run Windows Defragmenter after this procedure, as the files will be spread all over your hard drive. Do this by going to Start>Run and typing "Defrag.msc" (without quotes), then click the Defragment button.

5. You can now start Doom 3 and it should read these files much more quickly.
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