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Default Re: Prepaid for WoW Collector's Edition - Now the wait.

Oh don't get me wrong, I understand there's cost of maintaining and running a healthy MMORPG.. Still, they should rake in good $$$ with this game..

One of my coworkers that was in the beta said, the class/characters/etc felt too evenly balanced.. like there weren't enough weak and strong points between them..

Another coworker told me that he loved how when you goto quests, it kinda branches off in your own little world.. so you don't have 50 people trying to complete the same quest, then wait for the same item, only to have someone come in and statch it away..

Interestly, another coworker said he didn't like that aspect.. he loved the chaotic openness of MMORPG's..

Me personally, I used to mud and the sorts a while back.. I decided I will stay away from MMORPG's cause they would suck too much time away from me..

Originally Posted by Arioch
It's a persistent MMORPG so it has a monthly fee to maintain the core staff of programmers, designers, game masters, etc. If you have never played a MMORPG then this doesn't make any sense probably.
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