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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Well, I'll bend to your superior knowledge of the subject (I know next to nothing about HDTV and haven't read nearly as much about the consoles themselves). Still.. I find it hard to believe that a next gen GPU will have a lower fillrate than a current one. Still.. does HDTV still have the whole 30 frames colour/30 frames black of standard TV? If it does, the GPU only actually needs to render 30 fps to max out the media... which would certainly lower how much work it needs to do. Still, I guess at the moment it's all hype anyhow, and we'll see how it performs when it arrives. I still stand by the points about a console needing to run next to nothing other than the kernel and the game you're playing, and the fact that devs have a known hardware base to really work at.
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