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Default Re: Prepaid for WoW Collector's Edition - Now the wait.

That's all well and good, but $80 is still a ****ing retarded amount to pay for a game, especially when you have to pay a monthly fee on top of it. But hey, it's your time and your money...
Did you not read his post?

You can buy the regular version for normal price. The folks who want the DVD version, a nice art book, and soundtrack, etc., will pay the extra money. There is no such thing as a retarded amount to pay for something. A ton of people would think that paying $400 for a video card (like the one you own) is retarded. You don't care, right? Exactly. We pay for what we want, so if paying $100 for a collector's edition of a game is something Arioch wants to do, so be it. Some of you need to relax.

The bottomline is, what may not be worth it to you, might be worth it for someone else. Who is anyone to gauge what amount of money someone should spend. Ok, enough rambling.

- D.
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