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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

Originally Posted by ultimate17
I dont see PC's playing catch up to Xbox2...the system will have a the time the system debuts, r520's will be available for PC Gamers...which imo makes PC still more powerful. How? Simple. I can play @ 1024X768 or higher on my PC....your stuck in low res with any console.

My two biggest gripes about consoles are
1.) Lows res gaming
2.) Lack of upgradable hardware
Erm, even the Xbox 1 has support for 720p (1280x720) and 1080i (1920x1080) resolution, they just aren't used very often because rarely can a GF3 run in that high a res. If rumors are correct, then every Xbox 2 game should support 1080i (or possibly even 1080p with the right TV), as native support for HDTVs is planned. That's one of the reasons they're putting such a powerful video card in it.
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