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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

Originally Posted by ultimate17
I dont see PC's playing catch up to Xbox2...the system will have a the time the system debuts, r520's will be available for PC Gamers...which imo makes PC still more powerful. How? Simple. I can play @ 1024X768 or higher on my PC....your stuck in low res with any console.

My two biggest gripes about consoles are
1.) Lows res gaming
2.) Lack of upgradable hardware

Lets say Xbox 2 IS more powerful...lets say it does take 2 years for PC's to catch up...well...after they do catch up, they end up leaving smoke in the consoles face...because as time go by...PC's continue to upgrade to bigger and better...while Xbox 2 is still pushing its online features =O

Xbox is a decent system, dont get me wrong. Very high-end when it comes to consoles. I just hate low res. I;ve heard rumors that they might incorporate pc monitor connectivity to that would be awesome. Granted your allowed to up resoltuion to more than just 800X600...if an xbox is able to connect to a crt and go to a 1280X960/1024 res...that would be very luring.
from what i understood, MS is licensing tech from ATI for use in the xbox 2. this is how MS is getting around the screwing they got from NVidia with the xbox.

-oh and have you guys seen the difference between a DVD and HDTV?
-when will computers get BD-ROMs and HD-DVD Roms?
-Hell we have had dvd-rom drives for a while but how many games have been released in said format?

there are things that pc's do quite well and then there are things that console do quite well also both have their place.
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