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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

Originally Posted by ultimate17
I dont see PC's playing catch up to Xbox2...the system will have a the time the system debuts, r520's will be available for PC Gamers...which imo makes PC still more powerful. How?
yeah - when the xbox was released all the pc's of the time where roughly about 1.3ghz models and the top graphics where geforce 3- now considering the xbox is a 700mhz cpu with a modded gf2 gpu in it - it took until geforce4 and 2ghz cpu's before pcs could compete on the level.

Have you noticed how you can't just slap a doom 3 cd into a Xbox? The Xbox simply cannot do what the PC does with Doom 3, it doesn't even come close
have you noticed that you cant just slap doom into just any pc of today either?
you are comparing apples to oranges , one is a 3 year old console that is about to get a large update and one is a pc that you have prob purchased all the bits for in the last 6 months. the fact that the xbox can run doom with ALL the fx turned on but at lower resolution is testimony itself to how powerfull the console is.
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