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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

I play both consoles and PC games, My PC is very high end (AMD64 3200, 6800GT, 1GB) and I own every console.

While the PC is more powerful, I will never say its a better gaming system. Mainly because it has 1/4 the AAA titles consoles have. If a game comes out for the PC and Consoles, I usually end up purchasing the PC version because they usually are alike gameplay wise with the PC being superior in Graphics but this isn't always the case... FF games anyone? MGS Series?

So gameplay wise, I think consoles will usually always be ahead of PC's because they are dedicated to gaming and many developers ONLY make games for consoles while more PC developers are turning there backs to PC's and beginning to make more Console games...

Im still waiting on a Racing game on the PC to come even close to Gran Turismo on the PS2...Graphics, Physics and Gameplay wise...

Oh and to who posted the Doom 3 PORT shots... wana compare Final Fantasy VII on the PC and PS2 or even the PS1? PC is WAY below the quality of the console versions...
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