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Default Re: Prepaid for WoW Collector's Edition - Now the wait.

Originally Posted by datamage
Did you not read his post?

You can buy the regular version for normal price. The folks who want the DVD version, a nice art book, and soundtrack, etc., will pay the extra money. There is no such thing as a retarded amount to pay for something. A ton of people would think that paying $400 for a video card (like the one you own) is retarded. You don't care, right? Exactly. We pay for what we want, so if paying $100 for a collector's edition of a game is something Arioch wants to do, so be it. Some of you need to relax.

The bottomline is, what may not be worth it to you, might be worth it for someone else. Who is anyone to gauge what amount of money someone should spend. Ok, enough rambling.

- D.
Hey, get the sand out of your vagina, okay? Here in America, we have this wonderful thing called "Free speech" and what that means is I can say what I want and have an opinion that is different than yours. My opinion is that $100 for a GAME is retarded. My opinion is that there is NO game worth $100, especially when you have to pay monthly fees on top of it. My opinion is that I would never, ever pay such a retarded amount for a game, but if someone else wants to, go right ahead.

The bottom line is, it isn't worth it to me and I can guage the amount of money people spend on anything. I can say and opine on whatever I want. Who are you to tell me I can't? Joseph Stalin?

EDIT: Hardware cannot be compared to software. This graphics card does more than one thing, which is what a game does. Can you use that game to hook another monitor up to your computer? Will that game allow you to play the latest games and use graphically intense programs? No. It does one thing, it has one purpose: it uses the video card that is NECESSARY for a computer.
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