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Default Re: Prepaid for WoW Collector's Edition - Now the wait.

I don't undertand this. There's a collectors edition and a regular edition. The collectors edition includes bonus features you may or may not be tempted by. Typically, the collectors edition will be bought by the die hard fans, though this is not exclusive. Everyone with me so far? Great!

The LOTR series came in the form of two optional dvd releases. The standard dvd with a few extra's, and the extended dvd with a boat load of more goodies. Normal was cheaper, extended was more expensive but had bonus stuff. ARE WE SEEING A PATTERN HERE? By golly, I think we are!

The extended dvd's of the LOTR series completely OWNED the normal ones. I'm so glad I got mine, because in my honest opinion, they rock. Nobody forced me into getting the extended - I would have been happy with the regular ones. But I'm a fan of LOTR and as such, I will go that extra mile, pay that extra amount to recieve features I'm eager to see.

This is a very rudimentary concept to grasp.

Now, I won't belittle someone for liking The Darkness. Not my personal preference but it's a free country. Be proud of who you are and what you like. BUT DON'T SLAM SOMEONE FOR THEIR CHOICES. Yes, we enjoy the freedom to speak as we wish. But with that freedom comes responsibility, and an awareness of people's rights to do with their money as they see fit. They're the ones that earned it, not me.

If you wish to put forward your views on the price as being unacceptable to you, you can do so. But do it without the preachy approach, and less use of the words "retarded" and you won't tick people off.
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