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Default Re: Prepaid for WoW Collector's Edition - Now the wait.

The CE of WC3 was aobut $70, and it came with basically the same stuff the WoW CE comes with, but WoW is $30 more. They're raping you.
Ok, that just shows that you haven't read. The WoW CE is 79.99, ten dollars more than the WC3 CE. It's 100 hundred dollars, because Arioch decided to get the strategy book with the game. Not to mention tax.

As spirited1 already mention, yes, you have the 'freedom' to say whatever you want, but the way you came across was rude, and practically calling the poster a retard for spending that much on a game.

And to you paying $400 for hardware is justified, just because it does more for your computer than a game does, does not make it an automatic justification. You justify it because you feel is worth it. Just like those paying eighty-dollars for a game feel it's worth it.

Anyhow, it's fine to post your opinion, you just shouldn't pass it off as fact.

(For the record my video card was $500 -- so I'm not against expensive hardware.)

- D.
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