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Default Re: Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition Impressions

Mike was right . i ran 3DMark2003 2 times , the first with Filtering set to "optimal" & the other set to "Anisotropic" :
1600x1200,4xAA,8xAF(Optimal) = 5036
1600x1200,4xAA,8xAF(Anisotropic) = 4322

worth to note that when AF used .. the image filtering looked much better than Optimal .

strange though we get similar results when Mike's has AMD 64 3400+ which is better than my P4:3.4 ! i know CPU dosnet make such differnce in 3dmark2003 but still ..
perhaps its the clocks then . i use the Gigabyte X800XT's BIOS which always defualt me @526/573Mhz !

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