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Lightbulb Re: HDTV support - computer to HDTV set

Hello all,

I have just purchased a D52W19 RCA 52" HDTV Compatible Monitor. I already had a MSI FX5200-TD128 with DVI-I output. I purchased a cable ($70.00) to connect the computer to the TV hoping to watch all of the stuff I have on the computer on the 52 inch TV. The problem is the picture is not all it could be. I have ghosting from text and the video does not fit on the screen properly and I cannot access all of the buttons like (Start). Is there something that I am missing? I am using the latest drivers from Nvidia 61.77_win2kxp and Windows XP Media Centre. Please help the wife is going to kill me soon for buying the TV and not being able to do this which is what we wanted to do. I am also not able to do much adjusting as this makes the screen completely unusable. Gotta fix this and I know someone else must have run into this already.
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