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Default Answer's from Crytek regarding FarCry 1.3 patch

Over @, in the forums section, a man from crytek has been answering posts to people's questions.

For the non-believers he was confirmed as being a real crytek employee by one of the admins/mods. ( And if you read through the above link you'll run into that confirmation )

I strongly suggest that if any of you have any questions about the game that haven't been answered, you head on over there, register and post your question(s).

So I asked him 4 questions that I was suprised weren't asked yet, my questions were...

1.) Will we see I.Q changes in FarCry? People at E3 were playing parts of the game with new textures such as the "rocks on the beach" scene. Will this be implemented in the new patch?

2.) For Ati user's, will 3Dc be enabled in this upcoming patch?

3.) Any possible expansion pack or sequel planned?

4.) If Ati fixed the 1.2 patch texture problems, what's taken so long and what have you been working on in this new patch?

His answers were

1.) I'm actually not sure about this but will find out if possible.

2.) Yes

3.) Currently, the only new content coming to the Far Cry Universe is Far Cry:Instincts, I suggest you check that out.

4.) We have been addressing bugs and working on 3DC.

While I didn't get a straight answer for #1, hopefully he will update us. I'd hate to think they are spending so much time with 3dc and none for us nvidia users. For those that arent aware, he also shot down rumors of the first guy who infested the board, claiming all the crytek employees had split up.

And secondly, he has already confirmed HDR will be in the next patch, but it will need to be enabled through the console.

Everyone asks about a release date, he can't confirm one and says the patch is currently undergoing extensive testing, but it will be out "soon".

So if VUG does decide to hold back HL2 for 6 months, at least we'll have some hdr effects to play with in FarCry And X800 users will finally get a taste of 3dc. (Which me thinks will speed up x800 cards even more on farcry and leave our gt's in the dust...but thats ok)
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