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Default Geforce 5700go HP zd7260 flicker problem

Is there anyone out there that has a solution to the Geforece 5700go/zd7000 flicker problem?

I am running Fedora Core 2 on a HP ZD7260 using the nvidia 6111 drivers. The flicker halts video playback of files and dvd requiring an X restart.

I am able to establish a stable desktop at 1680x1050 resolution and it looks great. I am able to get the internal wireless running using ndiswrapper and have solved every other issue with the zd7260 and linux, EXCEPT for the darn flicker problem. As it stands now, I have to switch to windows to play dvd's.

I have tried many of the options presented in the forums ie., IgnoreEDID, SWCursor 1 & HWCursor 0, NvAgp 2 etc.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, especially if you have soved the issue.

I can provide my xorg.conf file as well as log files if need be, I didn't want to cluster this initial post.


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