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Default Re: New Unreal 3 engine screenshots

Actually, it should be noted that the UT2004 picture was taken at the lowest detail settings, even on my ti4200 I have my texture detail set much higher than it is in that pic. Still, very impressive, to be honest I think UE3 will be the "last big step" in 3d computer graphics, since it comes VERY close to being photorealistic (or at the very least, almost as good as Final Fantasy: Spirits Within). Really kinda scary if you think about it, where will we go after the next generation of consoles/hardware when every game looks that good? Especially considering we went from the model on the far left to the model on the far right in 7 years (unless you consider UE3 to be 2004 technology, then it's only 5 years). Maybe holodecks aren't that far off...
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