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Default Re: HL2 might be held back 6 more months!

Originally Posted by Nutty
I cant believe they didnt engineer their contract to say they can release it on Steam when they like. Theres still a heck of a load of ppl who will prefer to buy a boxed copy, its not like the publisher is only gonna sell a few hundred copies now is it?

It just smacks of more incompetance on valves behalf..
Exactly, now tell me what's the frickin' point of preloading HL2 when it wouldn't be playable until its availible in retail? O gee, maybe we'll be able to play it at 12am on the day of its release?

Blah, think I'll puke if I read anymore of the seemingly never ending HL2 saga. Com'on Stalker & Q4, take away this tormentů.
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