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Default Should FPS always be stable?

It seems that some days I get 80.1 FPS on the Doom 3 Timedemo 1 and other days I only get 77.6, is this a normal occurence? I've gone to the extent of doing a system restore to the day when I was getting 80fps but I still only seem to be getting 77, this has happened before and it seems that progressivly over a day or two the frames return... Can new drivers sound, display or chipset (I did change from 61.36 to 61.77) cause a loss in FPS? The game is still very playable, don't get me wrong, I can't even notice a difference but just the fact that those 2 and a half frames have just disappeared is quite weird, especially seeing as system restore never brought them back.

I'll shut down my PC tonight like I do everynight and see if maybe all it takes is a rest to cool-down that can return those 3 frames.
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