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Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Ugh, now I'm addicted to this damn game AGAIN. Years ago when The Sims came out, I had for inexplicable reasons a paralyzing addiction to the game. This lasted for a good while until finally I was released from its grasp by the sudden realization of all the game's shortcomings and boredom with its finer points. Well, this new version is leaps and bounds better than the first, and I gotta say, all my complaints from the first one are gone. There goes my free time.

Click here for an awesome account of some of the things you can do in this game. It's a funny article too.

That article is hilarious. I'm reading it right now at work and I have to keep myself from laughing too loudly. If you know about all the nuances of the Sims, the author of the article tells about how he messes with the characters (like installing a brick wall around someone using the toilet so that they will die a slow agonizing death). Good, fun article.

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