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Default Re: Long Rant on Problems with Implementing Realism in FPS Games

Pesonally I've always liked steps toward realistic weaponry. Stop giving human beings miniguns, for one thing. But I'd like to be able to snipe at someone over a mile away, and hit them accurately, and kill them instantly. I know lots of players hate snipers. Then eat the dirt, because .338 is a bitch.
I'd like to be able to accurately shoot at someone 500m away with an M16 - he moves, so I don't neccesarily have to hit him. But I should hit whatever is between my sights, instead of the arbitrary, silly 'spray' that we get in video games.
And I want to aim with iron sights, damn it. No crosshair, no center-screen focus. Just some ******* iron sights.
And when I shoot a guy in Level 3 Ballistic armour with an AK-47, he should die. Body armour is worthless against rifles.
Oh, and I want to be able to blow **** up. Walls, bunkers, the ground, trees. And I want to be able to shoot a door to pieces.

The technology exists, and has existed, and does exist, in different games. Someone just needs to dovetail this stuff already.
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