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Default Re: Long Rant on Problems with Implementing Realism in FPS Games

Yeah, video games have never really been about being totally 100% "realistic". Partially because the technology to make a TOTALLY interactive battlefield that reacts exactly like you'd expect is far from perfect, and partially because fun always takes precidence over realism. Battlefield 1942 is obviously very arcade oriented, it doesn't act like a simulator. You don't have to turn the key to start vehicles, you don't have to warm up the engine to keep it from stalling, you never run out of gas, etc.. Weapon physics, like vehicle physics, are tweaked for maximum fun and minimal frustration. The idea of a game where you can literally snipe any enemy from across the map with almost any weapon may sound intruiging at first, but it would cause games to seem even MORE like a mindless shooting gallery and people would be turned away and go back to playing Counter-strike or BF1942 almost immediately.

So I'm perfectly happy with games the way they are. Some of my favorite games (most noteably Natural Selection) are based on totally unrealistic scenarios, but I play them because they're fun. I mean seriously, do you honestly think that in 2550 or whenever NS takes place that we would have a automatic rifle that spreads bullets in about a 4 degree radius around where you aim, that an equally numbered group of marines would land on a hostile space station to try to fend off the alien invaders rather than just blow the thing up (or just use a certain band of radiation on the station that's lethal to the aliens), and that even though they don't have the technology to use rocket launcher or sniper rifles they somehow have a sub-sonic cannon that can fire through walls, but ONLY at alien structures, and that the said cannon would be constructed basically out of thin air just because some guy sitting in a chair says it should appear? To be honest, I do find certain aspects of realism to be intruiging (in particular I loved the immersiveness that being in a first-person view and reacting to the world brings, like in Breakdown or hopefully HL2), but even the greatest game in the world isn't going to be played if it isn't fun. Err...did that make sense?
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