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Default Re: Long Rant on Problems with Implementing Realism in FPS Games

Originally Posted by Edge
The idea of a game where you can literally snipe any enemy from across the map with almost any weapon may sound intruiging at first, but it would cause games to seem even MORE like a mindless shooting gallery and people would be turned away and go back to playing Counter-strike or BF1942 almost immediately.?
The answer to that is: More complex level (hills, valleys, complete buildings you can run around in, rivers, tall grass etc) and levels big enough so that you can't shoot like that. I remember Delta Force something or other had levels big enough where I actually couldn't use the OICW - it just wasn't reliably accurate at a klik. Levels of that size make snipers useful without sacrificing realistic ballistics. The problem with most war games is their levels are pretty small and sparse.

To be honest, I do find certain aspects of realism to be intruiging (in particular I loved the immersiveness that being in a first-person view and reacting to the world brings, like in Breakdown or hopefully HL2), but even the greatest game in the world isn't going to be played if it isn't fun. Err...did that make sense
But there are also people like me who can't stand that crazy bull**** for many, many reasons, first of all that it doesn't make any ******* sense. I can't even watch movies anymore because they're just - retarded (aside from the fact that they're all the same movie with cosmetic adjustments). I like consistency and logic in my media, which is why I prefer HP Lovecraft to RL Stein. If someone likes RL Stein, fine, but it's still a bunch of retarded garbage.
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