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Default Re: Long Rant on Problems with Implementing Realism in FPS Games

One reason for lack of realism is fun factor. Most games are made to please the lowest common denominator, weekend warriors. Just for the sake of seeing how it works, try FlashPoint. SVD can reach out to about 1.2-3k but chances are you'll waste most of your ammo trying to hit anything but a tight squad. LAW/RPG, same thing. Looks awesome in the movies, and in other games, but try hitting T80 from 60-80 meters. Extreme realism will only be in simulators. Look at flight sims, small but dedicated market. Games don't sell well, but there are some extremely realistic sims.

IL2, LOMAC damage model is VERY realistic. Bullet trajectory is calculated all the way through the frame and referenced with blue prints to see if any equipment was damaged internally. Hopefully some day we'll get something like that for FPS sims. Bullet caliber, muzzle velocity distance, windage, etc and finally body damage.

FlashPoint is probably one of the few FPS games that are more sim like than the rest. Hopefully the trend will continue.
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