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Default Re: Long Rant on Problems with Implementing Realism in FPS Games

Originally Posted by zeero1978
rainbow six 3 is very realistic also...
R6 3 is realistic in terms of damage, but guns are uncannilly inaccurate (although far, far more accuate than in Counter-Strike or the like). This is most likely to compensate for the severly brain-damaged AI who can't navigate doors, find cover or just plain run properly. Also the guns don't blowthrough properly. The Barrett Light Fifty should easily pierce through just about every building in that game, but it is stopped by many walls. I know personally that a .50BMG rifle will blow through a solid brick wall, somewhere I have a video on CD of a friend of mine shooting someone through a wall, and you can see the brains literally explode up over the wall from the force, after the round travelled approx. 550m and pierced 6" or 7" of red brick.
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