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Default Re: Long Rant on Problems with Implementing Realism in FPS Games

Originally Posted by Viral
Why do you have video's of your friends killing people?
Army scout-sniper in Iraq.

Also, for reference, check out an actual examples of sniper rifle accuracy:

I could be wrong, but I think the reason weaps aren't perfectly accurate is that it's SO DAMN EASY to aim with a mouse, even at absurd range. Real soldiers wouldn't be close to as accurate as a person with a mouse... unless there were some way to simulate kick... like having the shots scatter a little. Still, I don't know pretty much anything about real guns, so I'll shut up now.
Yes, you need reticule wobble from hearbeat and breathing (which is reduced when you are in a shooting crouch, and greatly reduced when benchfiring or prone-shooting. Basically your gun should 'wander' a bit outside of your control, which wouldn't really matter much at close range but would make long range shots difficult. Also wind, bullet drop etc need to be taken into account, especially for snipers.

Just for the record, bipods do NOT make rifles 'more accurate' or easier to shoot. In fact, they make them awkward because the weight shifts forward and the gun wobbles weirdly after you fire. The function of the tripod is mainly the keep the gun out of the mud and so you don't have to support the whole weight for hours at a time.
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