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Default Re: Should FPS always be stable?

It's the obessive compulsive disorder, it happens with everything I do. I can't enjoy this PC unless I know what changes that new driver update will do, then I want to know why DriversHQ still says I should update that specific driver, then I want to know why when I went to Update Driver in Device Manager it never asked me to reboot, then if it doesn't make any changes I want to know if I installed it right, then when I find out how to install it, I uninstall it and reinstall it again,then I delete the setup file for the drivers and goto Update Driver and wonder why it's still able to install something if there's no setup file on my PC, then I want to know why I've lost a few frames in a game and if it has something to do with the actual driver, then I'll uninstall those drivers and revert back to the first ones that came with my PC, then when I've done that and the frames are still missing I'll do a system restore back to when I still had those 2 frames, than I'll want to know everything about system restore. I know that those 2 frames are not going to make any difference in games and I would never have even gotten into this whole FPS thing if I never knew about Doom 3's TimeDemo Demo1... It's just the fact that my PC Is performing a % less than it was and I want to know why and stop it!

It's a vicious cycle and frankly Google doesn't help, answers are much more helpful when they're directed at you and your exact question.

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