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Smile Re: Fatal Server Error: caught signal 8

Thanks to the help of a member at the forum i managed to overcome this error, ie get the GUI back working. Im still working on getting the nvidia drivers installed. I will post here the progress made.

In priciple this is what i had to do: changing "nv" to "vesa" in the XF86Config file to bring back the gui. For those that might have the same problem here is what i did. Since i am not familiar in changing the config file from the command prompt i had to do it in winblows:
1. From the linux command prompt i typed : cp /etc/X11/XF86Config /mnt/floppy (lol yes i copied it to an old fashioned floppy since i didnt know how else to access the linux directory from windows)
2. Rebooted to windows; opend the file with write; searched and replaced the "nv" into "vesa" (other items as load "glx" already there or removed); saved the file back on the floppy
3. Rebooted to linux; logged in as user; changed to root using the su command and gave the password; on the prompt i typed: cp /mnt/floppy/XF86Config /etc/X11
4. Then i tried to open my KDE desktop by typing: kde and it worked!!! Great stuff

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