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Default Re: Long Rant on Problems with Implementing Realism in FPS Games

Originally Posted by vampireuk
People like you asking for more realism ruined Desert Combat for several releases. The Iraqi side was made pathetically weak while the Coalition team was given better weaponry and vehicles with every single update. It got to the point where if you joined a server there would be 17 people on the Coalition team and around 5 on the Iraqi team.

I recall one update where the Coalition got a aircraft carrier, a new armoured vehicle and a littlebird helicopter. The Iraqis got a technical. Realism ruins most games.
Well, that's pretty much what happened in Real Life (tm).
****ty third world countries get owned like Hell in a stand up fight. That's a problem with the game concept, not realism in games.
If no one wants to play the Iraqis they should just have AI iraqis like the bad guys in Flashpoint.

I wouldn't fight for either of those groups, but if I had a choice I'd definitly go Coalition instead of Iraqi.
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