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Default new driver 1.0-6111 for Linux X86 Suse 9

I just did the Yast online update, but the fetch nvidia installer intalls a older version than 1.0-6111.

I have to install the new driver because of the Softimage CErtification issue.
By the way what´s meant by that?
I have two machines: one with Quadro FX 3400 and one GEforce 2 GTS.
After Installing the 1.0-6111 driver manually with the .run file from the nvidia website it reports to me a warning that my kernel is configured to load the module "rivafb". And if I will load that module the driver will not function properly. I have checked the module it is NOT loaded.
Anyway, After rebooting the nvidia logo appears for 1 second, but after that the xserver flickers 2 or 4 times and freezes mit lots of colored blocks.
THX in advance.
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