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Default The games you love to hate

I had some free time last weekend so I decided to revisit Ninja Gaiden on my Xbox. That's what prompted this thread. I want to know what games you all love to hate - ones that have caused you to want to break your keyboards/controllers in frustration, yet at the same time you were incredibly compelled to finish the game.

Ninja Gaiden is by far number 1 on my list. I absolutely abhor this game, but I still want to play because I feel an incredible sense of reward upon completing a level/mission. The fixed camera issues from the first hurricane pack should help alleviate some of the frustration, and I can't wait to get that downloaded.

Far Cry is another game that's on this list. The outstanding graphics and incredible sense of immersion overshadowed the vast amounts of frustration that came from playing, especially in the later levels. Sure, the ending sucked donkey bong, but the game was still worth every last red cent.

So how about you?
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