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Default Re: The games you love to hate

Heh, I actually thought the difficulty in Ninja Gaiden was about right. There were a few very tough fights (like the first battle against Alma, and that damn Dragon who was very fun but they put the save point wayyyyy on the other side of the level from him), but overall it was nice to play a game that I really felt like I was being challenged. I though Farcry was alright, but the difficulty in that game was just plain unbalanced. First off the checkpoints sucked 90% of the time (it's like they took the save location from the Dragon fight in Ninja Gaiden and decided to make EVERY major checkpoint like that), and secondly some "fights" consisted of waiting about 5 minutes for the marines and mutants to stop killing eachother before rushing in and killing the survivors. Now I like games that have 2 opposing sides fighting eachother, but it's only fun when you can see which side is winning and help out the losing side by picking off a few of the stronger guys for them, like Halo did in later levels. Breakdown is one game that I thoroughly enjoyed, however some of the checkpoints and fights were quite annoying. Combat against multiple people is fairly managable once you figure out how to do it, but some of those enemies were just so damn annoying when they gang up on you (including one very hard part at the end of the game where you fight like 5 waves of enemies in a row).

BTW, check out the Hurricane Pack volume 2, it makes Ninja Gaiden like twice as hard
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