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Unhappy Re: Fatal Server Error: caught signal 8

I am still having trouble loading the nvidia drivers properly. I installed the NVIDIA driver, changed the XF86Config file, ie replaced "vesa" with "nvidia" and restarted.

"The installer gives a warning: your kernel was configured to include rivafb support as a loadable kernel module.

The rivafb driver conflicts with nvidia driver; the nvidia kernel will still be built and installed..."

At the next boot the gui wouldnt come up and came with different complaints, see the log files which are attached:

Meanwhile i found a different way to change the video driver:
at the command prompt type su and password for root
type and enter drakconf
navigate to display and activate
select xorg, vesa
save changes
type and enter exit
start X

Also the error "failed to set write-combining range (0xe8000000, 0x8000000)"remains even with the vesa driver loaded.

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