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Default Re: Half-Life 2's Multiplayer Mode Is...

Umm, the original multiplayer in Half-life sucked. Just basic deathmatch with Half-life weapons, it was no better than Quake in it's execution (though some of the levels were pretty fun). CTF, Assault, and all those other cool game modes were only added in TFC and later an addon in Opposing Force allowed you to play CTF in that. Otherwise there wasn't much interesting about the multiplayer, but 90% of your time is going to be spent playing mods anyway. The only thing that might slightly worry me is that there probably won't be as many Deathmatch modifiers since deathmatch isn't actually built into the game, but making a mod for just straight up HL2 deathmatch is probably going to be extremely easy (make map, add spawn locations for weapons, and voila). In fact, it wouldn't suprise me if Valve themselves come out with a "Deathmatch Classic" mod for HL2 that will add basic deathmatch to the game (much like the Quake modifier they released for the original Half-life).

And BTW, why are you complaining about HL2 "not having multiplayer"? Last I checked, Counter-Strike IS multiplayer.
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