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Default Re: Nvidia 6111 on Mandrake 10 kernel - What is RivaFB?

Good afternoon,

I had identical problems with Rivafb.

Installing with the --add-kernel first, worked well.

It took some time to find out, that it was not a problem with an rivaFB module.

In the XF86config-4 you have to replace the "nv" with "nvidia". Then there are still pop-up warnings, although the system showed no visible problems.

In the section "Module" of the same file you must look for the command

Load "glx".

I have added this instruction in the XF86Config-4 and after restarting Xsever, the problems were gone.

This instruction is mentioned in the readme file that comes with the 6111 drivers.

Hope this solves your problem !

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