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Default Re: Half-Life 2's Multiplayer Mode Is...

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Well... this is the worst thing ever. I thought they were saying there was going to be some revolutionary multiplayer... now we get a crappy counter strike with the same crappy graphics and a few new things.

I was hoping for some good multiplayer... but now I know it will suck.
I comptely understand that you (and AthlonXP1800) feel this way. However about 65,000 people disagree with you at every moment as if you ever the gamespy stats or other you will see that after 3 years CS is STILL the number one game played on-line.

Look at the facts, while HL was a great game, its Counter Strike that has keep the game alive for the last few years.

Besides I think that valve will add on standard DM a bit later...well according to rumor that is...
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