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Default Re: Half-Life 2's Multiplayer Mode Is...

Actually, has there EVER been a FPS that's released with a decent multiplayer mode? Lets review the multiplayer modes for these games...

Quake 1: basic deathmatch, pretty much like Doom except without the coop.
Quake 2: same as Quake 1.
Quake 3: a glorified deathmatch mode and very basic CTF? It took them how many years to make this multiplayer-oriented game?
Unreal 1: same as Quake 1, though did this one have coop out of the box or not?
Unreal Tournament: Wow, this one actually brought some new stuff to the table! This counts as a win (though single-player was crap).
Half-life: basic deathmatch, though the levels were decent.
Halo: Multiplayer is fun (especially with vehicles), but the low player limit and lack of coop in the PC version kinda hurts. And the netcode and performance in the release version was disapointing.
Doom 3: same as Quake 1...but with shadows and a broken server browser.
Farcry: Ugh, netcode that makes Quake 1 look good (and it even requires broadband!).
Unreal 2: very fun multiplayer mode with some interesting features...too bad the game was single-player only for a full year.

Thank god for mods, I don't think any of these games really would've taken off online were it not for the addons that were released later on. And you just KNOW there's going to be like a dozen HL2 mods released within a month of when it comes out. Personally I'm hoping for a NS-like mod for HL2, that alone would make it worth the purchase price for me.
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