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Default Re: Half-Life 2's Multiplayer Mode Is...

Originally Posted by Edge
Actually, has there EVER been a FPS that's released with a decent multiplayer mode? Lets review the multiplayer modes for these games...

Quake 1: basic deathmatch, pretty much like Doom except without the coop.
Quake 2: same as Quake 1.
Quake 3: a glorified deathmatch mode and very basic CTF? It took them how many years to make this multiplayer-oriented game?

Thank god for mods, I don't think any of these games really would've taken off online were it not for the addons that were released later on. And you just KNOW there's going to be like a dozen HL2 mods released within a month of when it comes out. Personally I'm hoping for a NS-like mod for HL2, that alone would make it worth the purchase price for me.
Quake 1 and Quake 2 both had COOP and team deathmatch.
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