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Default Cannot get S3 suspend to work on a Toshiba laptop

I cannot get 'ACPI suspend to RAM' to work on a Toshiba laptop with the 6111 nvidia driver (kernel + most current ACPI patch), although the documentation claims it should work. Also, as advised in README, I use
NvAgp only. The actual nvidia driver I use is Gentoo patched. Without the nvidia driver everything works perfectly, both in text mode and X. Any ideas on this? Is there something I do wrong (module options?), or is it simply a bug?

I was also wondering about the hotkey display switching on Toshiba laptops. The documentation says it's "currently" not working for Toshiba laptops, but this "currently" is there since I remember it, that is for last 1.5 years (it was probably there before, just that I never looked before). Does anybody have any clue on when this is going to be fixed (if at all)?
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