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Default Re: Official Post your 3DMark 2005 scores with rig info and driver versions

Originally Posted by Nv40
seems that you have never seen an SLI setup in action before.. by your comments.. i have seen it.. in the 3dfx days.. and the up to 2x times performance was real .but improvements only happens at the extreme settings resolutions in non cpu limited situations. it will be nice to enable max AA/AF too and compare.but 3dmark05 is to heavy for that.i will like to see you around here with the same face when real games benchmarks in SLI setup start to be released.
Good observation. Also had the test been ran at a higher rez than the current default, which is pretty cpu limited, there'd also be quite a diff in scores. Just like the old days, SLI is nothing to sneeze at.
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