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Default Re: Official Post your 3DMark 2005 scores with rig info and driver versions

Originally Posted by Nv40
seems that you have never seen an SLI setup in action before.. by your comments.. i have seen it.. in the 3dfx days in voodoo2 cards and the same people who designed it now works for Nvidia .. and the up to 2x times performance was real .but improvements only happens at the extreme settings resolutions in non cpu limited situations. it will be nice to enable max AA/AF settings and see how well the XT handle it . but 3dmark05 is to heavy for that .i will like to see you around here with the same face when real Dx9 game benchmarks appears in SLI setup ,last word was that TIm sweeney of Unreal3 was very happy with the results ,but i can imagine others telling you that they have been paid by Nvidia once more just to say that.

That PR is nothing more than damage control as ATI took the top spot in this one benchmark. This way nV can say they are faster.

I think SLI is great for some cases. There are also cases where is not as good. Plus some uknowns on how much benifit it brings (is it x2), on weather you can mix cards from different venders (what happens if the card you bought 6 month from now has a different BIOS)? I also remember the FUD spread by one IHV in the 3DFX days on the evil's of SLI...but hey gotta love PR

Anyways having SLI is going to be a great feature.
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