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Default Re: Official Post your 3DMark 2005 scores with rig info and driver versions

On my setup it ran actually better than I thought it would. Still a slideshow but looks amazing none the less

I scored 1253 3D Marks, which I think is right where they said a 5950 would score. Breakdown as follows:

GT1: 4.6 fps
GT2: 3.9 fps
GT3: 6.9 fps

CPU1: 1.9 fps
CPU2: 2.7 fps

Looking forward to getting card that can score 12,000 plus in 3D Mark 05. Will probably be out sooner than I think

Favorite part of whole thing was end of demo where dolphin things were flying. Music was great and I seemed to get good framerates. GT3 looked pretty damn incredible too Nice job FutureMark
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