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Welcome to last week? More like last year

But yeah, HL: Source look kinda cool. I'm not totally sure, but it looks like the models and skins are mostly redone, and it also has the physics and certain effects (such as water) that goes with the Source engine. Can't wait to see the ragdoll deaths of enemies in certain situations, wonder if you can push the bodies off that one cliff level. The maps will probably be exactly the same though (maybe a few new surface effects and redone textures), it looks like they simply converted the HL1 maps to Source. I'm expecting it to be pretty neat, though I consider it to be more of a distraction from Half-life 2. Actually now that I think of it...will HL:Source have any multiplayer modes? I'd love to play Crossfire and Undertow in the Source engine .

BTW, anyone else heard that they're also making a DoD: Source? Apperently it's only planned to be included with the "Gold" edition Steam download, though it wouldn't suprise me if it becomes a standard feature/mod for all versions of HL2 like CS:Source has. I mean, how many people would be playing it if it's only availible in the most expensive package?
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