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Default Re: 5600 driver nightmares

Kept at it til 5am, decided to heed the advice of other posters and not persevere with trying to flash to the ultra bios in case it fries my ram, I guess with power strip I can achieve the same thing although it's dog slow.

3DMark01 3DMark03
ti4200 clocked 280/551 11500 1550
fx5600 clocked 448/443 8800* 1500*

* I had the damned thing at 9450 and 2050 and have no idea how. I can't clock it higher, have tried several driver versions, but who cares what level of useless it is, it sucks.

The heatsink makes no contact with the ram unlike my ti4200 which is all over it both sides so I think that's why the ram dies when I clock it faster. It's the same ram based on the actual numbers on the chip as a 128Mb Ultra.

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