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Default CenturyTel ISP sucks (3DMark05 related)!

I hate my ISP and unfortanitly it is the only broadband provider in my area. Since I have been sick with bronchitis for the past two days and knew that there is no chance of me going to school I set my alarm for 7:30, 30 minutes before 3dmark05 is to be released. Once 8:00 hit i jumped onto futuremark hoping to find a fast sever and sure enough I was able to download it at 60kbs from the AoA forums. With only 5 minutes remaining I get up to get another cup of coffee (soothes my throat) and when I return the download has stooped with about 2mb left! It turns out I was disconnected. Already upset because I've got to restart the download and I find i was not able to connect! I called Centurytel and they said someone had accendently cut a fiber wire! They cut the wire with only 1 minute and 18 seconds remaining! I am just now able to reconnect to the internet! Gah!
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