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Question NVIDIA Drivers

I recently installed the NVIDIA drivers for MDK8.2 on my system, from the tarball files. After installing and getting good results, besides a minor problem with rc.modules, which another fellow here helped solve, I now have a NEW problem with those same drivers.

I had turned on the OpenGL 3D screensaver 'Pipes', which ran fine. For a few days, that is. I note now that I cannot get OpenGL apps to run on my machine. I have looked in various log files, and have not run across any errors related to the GLX, or I may not have looked in the proper places. It almost seems like the drivers have just stopped working for some reason. The usual Nvidia logo pops up when I boot into Linux, but the drivers fail to operate after I get into my desktop. I cannot select ANY of the GL based screen savers, but I can STILL run all the silly little MESA demos that can be installed in the KDE desktop environment. Most other things seem to work, but the screen savers not working is odd. Any thoughts?
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